Stuart Armstrong Biography

comqi-stuWith 20 years’ experience in assisting companies to achieve their strategic and operational objectives, Stuart has led in the creation and adoption of sales and marketing best practices. These practices have helped companies in industries ranging from retailers and packaged goods and food/beverage to information services and pharmaceuticals reach their business objectives.

Stuart’s career is marked by an early recognition of the potential of digital systems to drive companies’ productivity and performance. Before joining Digital View (now EnQii) in February 2004, Stuart was Senior Vice President at Euro RSCG Meridian (part of Havas Advertising,, a leading consulting firm to the consumer goods and retailing industries. In addition to his responsibilities with Meridian, Stuart also served as liaison to Euro RSCG Partners, a truly integrated marketing communications agency. In this role, Stuart identified opportunities with existing and prospective clients to create media-neutral strategies utilizing a variety of marketing strategies and tactics.

Before Meridian, Stuart was VP of Sales for Gelco Information Network (, a leading provider of trade management B2B solutions to the consumer goods industry. Previously, he served as President and Founding Partner of Performance Wave, Inc., which developed, sold and serviced the industry’s first web-based Category and Promotional Management solution. Performance Wave was acquired by Gelco in April 1999.

His early career is highlighted with positions at Information Resources Inc. ( as Director of Product Management and Product Marketing and the founding in 1989 of one of the first B2B multimedia agencies in the US, L.A. Image.

Recent Presentation (1):


NRF Show

New York, NY

Creating Competitive Advantage with In-Store Digital Signage

This session is designed to point you in the best direction regarding the use of In-store Digital Signage to: 1. Drive increases in your core metrics such as conversion, sales uplift, promotional effectiveness and inventory efficiencies; 2. Put teeth into your cross-channel merchandising strategies; 3. Support staff communications and training; and 4. Introduce new revenue sources through media ad sales. Also, we will outline financing approaches that eliminate any capital expenditures and moves all the cost to monthly operating expenses.


Recent Presentation (2):


Henry Stewart New York 2008’s Digital Asset Management & Marketing Operations Symposium

New York City

Digital Media Networks

This session will explore content development strategies for digital media networks at retail. Panelists will discuss how to build and maintain a content archive, what kind of content works best at retail, and what’s new and innovative in the space.

Expertise – Digital Signage Subjects:

* Advertising

* Service

* Software

* Strategy

Expertise – Vertical Industries:

* Casinos

* Employee Communications

* Financial/Banking

* Healthcare

* Retail

* Supply Chain

* Travel

* End-to-end Digital Signage Implementation

Expertise – Project Management:

* Justification

* ROI Measurement

* Planning

* Implementation

Expertise – Industry Outlook, Trends, and Statistics:

* General Trends

* Successes and Failures

Stuart is back, and he is stronger than ever

Stuart Armstrong was on sort of a vacation for a long time. He did some work, but it was limited to small-scale and thus it didn’t show his abilities at their best. He is our long-time associate, and we are happy to say that he is back. Stuart decided to come back into the spotlight and become a full-time member of our company.


So, what does this mean to you? It means that the digital marketing genius is back and that means the improvement of the business. This will have positive effects on both our company and our clients. Stuart is a creative machine that can come up with new marketing campaigns that will find success with ease. He is an individual that believes in data and does a lot of research on the trends and practices that other use. The result of his research is usually something that gets implemented in marketing campaigns we create.