Creating a website takes a lot of effort, knowledge and skills, which means that is not an easy job like some other folks say. Of course, the process becomes easier when you use tools that are made for such work. Still, you need some knowledge about the tools to use them well. For example, review of Legendary Marketer allows you learn more on this fantastic platform that teaches you on digital marketing.

But in any way, you need to use the right tools to get accomplished what you need. For this reason, we have prepared for you a small guide so you could know what you need to do to make your website successful.

Define the intentions of website

The first thing you need to do before you start with making the website is to define the intention of it. Define whether your website is going to have an educational, business or casual purpose. Once you define this, you can start with defining the features that it will have.

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Create Web Site

For example, if you plan to sell something, you will need a payment system implemented. After that, you can define the layout and the overall design of it so you know what you need. In case you have the designing skills, you can do it on your own without need to hire someone. On the other hand, you can hire a professional web designer to make everything and deliver you the finished website that you need to fill in with the content.

Make a clear map of menu and sections

If you have not designed the website yet, you might want to define the menu /navigation, as your users will explore it. Define the home page and how it should look like, to know what you will need. Then, add the additional pages, services and the rest of pages. Remember that a good hierarchy makes a good website, not only because it will look nice and structured, but also because the search engines will crawl your website easier and therefore contribute to the overall website’s ranking.

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How To Build Your Own Site

This is especially important to do when you have the commercial part, where you will sell products. The better you structure it, the easier will be later for you to handle everything. You can make a structure in any program basically, though we recommend using Excel or Google Drive Spreadsheets.

Make a draft of your website initially

Before you come up with the final design, you should make a mock up or draft, so you could see how it looks like. We recommend using Photoshop software as you can create everything in it.

Try to test different layouts and colors, as well as the typography, to make sure you get the best design that is appealing.

Before you launch the website, make sure to take into consideration the mobile devices. It means you must use a mobile responsive design to ensure that hand-held device ecosystem does not suffer because you had chosen the poor design.