As we have come to the point where the Internet becomes the initial launch for brand recognition and acquiring customers, we have to stay on the right track and keep up with the latest technology requirements. Although we say “technology requirements”, we think it would not be politically incorrect to say that “user’s requirements”. The customers/users dictate the whole demand and your job is to adapt, adopt the technology that helps them and offer the best results. If you want to find an online job, you will look for the best freelancing platform like Upwork.

Or, if you want to buy or sell your house, you might use These have some things in common, even though are in different niches. All of these will be listed below, but before you read, try to identify those aspects first.

No good digital marketing starts without website speed

The first and the most important factor, which is, by the way, one of the essential measures for website ranking, is the speed of your website. Nobody wants to land on a landing page that takes forever to load. Time has become a highly valuable asset and no one wants to waste it.


Digital Marketing Strategies

There are tons and tons of different approaches that you should consider, but we will not deep dive into the methods, at least for now. However, you MUST optimize and make your website fast! It would be optimal to keep the loading time around 1.5 seconds, to 2 seconds. Try not to exceed 3 seconds time for loading your website.

The security – SSL certificate for better security and confidence

The second thing is security. No one wants to spend time on a blog that reveals super-interesting stories from the Amazonia’s Shamans or on the e-commerce user-friendly platform if it is not secure. Taking your website from HTTP to HTTPS might require some additional investment, but in case you plan to develop your business, do not even consider acquiring sales without the SSL certificate.

Socket Security Layer is a standard asset of the server-client (browser) privacy which is a highly appreciated feature both to search engines and customers.

Videos make users more confident about reaching the decision

In these times, everyone likes to watch the true testimonial by a genuine customer who has had some sort of benefit from using a certain product. Though text ads do attract users, it is more likely that they will end up buying your product once they watch the official video from your official channel. Around 64% of the users who watch the videos are likely to buy the product.

 Successful Digital Marketing

Team In Firm Learning Marketing

Think of these videos as they are TV commercials. Would you buy a product from a random guy that gives the promotional brochures in the street, or you would buy from a guy that recorded a dozen people who testified the benefits of the product? It is more a field of psychology, but a good psychological approach makes selling easier.