Digital marketing is always changing, and that type of industry is great for some parties. The ever-changing market creates a work environment that requires high levels of creativity and innovation to succeed. Small agencies profit from this as they can make a profit from minor improvements to the current trend.

Digital signage is, as many believe, the future of digital marketing and many experts agree with that.

The age of fractured digital markets for advertising is slowly ending, and that is obvious. An increased number of trends are aimed at unified markets where ads cross those imaginary borders to generate more profit.

Digital Signage

This gives a marketing agency two choices, one is to accept the unified market and work on large scale advertising, and the other one is to follow the proximity trend and focus on small audience. Both of these two have their advantages and disadvantages.

Proximity trend and how it affects marketing

The latest digital signage trend is the proximity advertising. Implementation of this pattern isn’t easy as it requires a lot of work and the result isn’t easily predictable. This direction results in a focus on the advertising on a small number of people that have a high chance of becoming regular customers.

So, a business that follows this trend will devise a campaign that will target only a small portion of the audience. Choosing the right audience is a secret behind the success, and a lot of research goes into it.


An essential step in this type of advertising is to do a proper analysis of the market and locate the target audience. The target audience you discover is just a pool of people out of which you will choose individuals and parties that have the best chance of becoming regular clients/customers.

Proximity trend in digital signage makes the advertisers focus on quality over quantity, both in the case of ads and audience. Spending less money on ads and distributing them to a handful of potential clients is, as evidence shows, better than spending a lot of money on a massive number of ads and placing them everywhere.