In the 21st century, people are looking for healthy alternatives, even when It comes to smoking. These days, vape pens are highly popular! The vapes are the most common replacement for standard cigarettes and a lot of young people stick to the vapes as it is easier, less smelly and healthier

. At the moment, you can find regular vapes and disposable ones and for this occasion, we will talk about the difference between those two. Posh Plus disposable pens are a common choice for a lot of smokers, especially those ones that are switching from smoking to vaping. The biggest pro is that there is no huge financial difference between these two.

Why do people go for disposable vapes?

Posh Plus disposable vape, for example, comes in small dimensions, which is one of the reasons why people decide to go with it. With only 4 inches in length, and 1.3 ml of ejuice, these are a great choice for people, especially those that travel a lot. But, the Posh and Zaero vapes have 1.8 ml of ejuice. When it comes to design and convenience, these are unbeatable as these offer a high level of compactness, multiple flavors and good battery time.

Plus Zaero Disposable Vapes

Introducing A New Vapes

These disposable devices offer even zero-nicotine vaping, where you do not get in touch with nicotine at all. In the end, after you are done with vaping, you simply throw it instead of buying a new pack and recharging it. Vape, enjoy the flavor and dispose of!

Posh Plus disposable pen

The Posh Disposable offers a reservoir of 1.8ml and a range of flavors, where the most popular one is minty flavor. Even though a huge number of former smokers use it, there is also a lot of older smokers who want to vape and they stick to posh disposable. There are a range of available flavors, ranging from minty melon, pina colada, cool mint posh to mango posh, pineapple posh, fruity and classic menthol flavor.

Do keep in mind that your drags/puffs and how heavy you take these depend on the number of counts that you can take from the pen. When it comes to device upgrades, the Plus model has better upgrade and larger juice reservoir, while the overall design and appearance stay pretty much the same.

Zaero disposable pen

Smoking E-Cigarette

Man Smoking E-Cigarette.

The technology is similar to Posh Plus with the difference that this one offers a 0-nicotine level. In fact, there are 4 levels including 0, 1.8, 3.0 and 5.0 of nicotine settings, giving a huge level of flexibility to the different type of smokers. When it comes to flavors, no other pen can offer Tobacco, Grape, Chocolate, Blue Razz, Menthol, Banana and a lot of other unique flavors! The one thing that users may not like may be the lack of many different menthol flavors, which you can find with Posh Plus. However, if you want to decrease your level of nicotine intake, we highly recommend this vape pen!