Rubber seals are located where it is necessary that from a certain area where the substance is under pressure, this substance does not enter the surrounding area. Today, the term is almost in an everyday encounter with various appliances, devices, accessories, or other things that surround us. The most common is rubber door seal.

As far as installations are concerned, they are most often found in plumbing installations, such as taps, bathtubs, washing machines, and in the garage, it is a car, a motorcycle, in a garden those are various water pumps. This product is everywhere: in your home, work when you go out… They are made mainly of silicate rubber which is resistant to the pressures applied to them, are resistant to chemicals, temperature, which is particularly pronounced in cars, and in hot water machines.

Seals are consumed material that is better to change in time than when it is exhausted in detail. We know what happens in the bathroom when the seal on the door of the washing machine is loosened, or in the car while the water is moistened in the engine.

Rubber Seals

They fall into two broad categories as options and means of production: pressed seals and profiled seals. The difference between these two types stems from their production: pressurized are produced by pressing the temperature in the matrix; profiled seals are produced by extrusion. Extrusion is done using a wide spectrum of extrusion profiles and their vulcanization is carried out in autoclaves at controlled temperature throughout the entire technological process (huge furnace).


Radial Seals

Radial shaft seals are elements that seal the medium from the inside on the rotating machine parts and prevent the entry of impurities from the atmospheric – outer side. They are made of metal that is coated with various types of rubber and other materials, depending on what their application is. Each of these materials is distinguished by its own unique resistance to various working conditions, to various types of oils and lubricants, to various operating temperatures …

Self-adhesive seals

When selecting a self-adhesive seal, the first thing to consider is the size of the gap in the door opening. Seals are made in different colors, so you can pick them up on any material. They are mostly black and brown. However, some experts believe that the application of paint on a tire ruins its properties. Therefore, the choice is better for the benefit of non-purse seals.

When choosing a seal, the first thing to consider is the size of the void at the input

The main requirement for the seal is its silence. First of all, pay attention to this factor. Good door closure will prevent such defects such as poor insulation, water penetration, outer odors. The great advantage of rubber seals is the preservation of its properties even at high negative temperatures and good elasticity of the material itself. Advantages include soft and smooth door closing.