If you have ever been into the restaurant business, you know how hard can be to organize your kitchen properly and ensure that it has everything your staff needs, especially everything in accordance with law. Still, preparing commercial kitchen fitouts sydney should be performed by following a checklist with the things you need to do and ensure, so you would not forget something. We have prepared for you a checklist with the things you have to do.

The size of a kitchen must be appropriate

One of the worst things that you can do for your kitchen is to make it small. Of course, if you own a small restaurant, then having a small kitchen would be appropriate. However, if you have a bigger restaurant, you will want to have at least 5 square feet of space so you could ensure that your staff can work without interruptions.

Man Working In Kitchen

Nice Kitchen In New Restaurant

The comfort is crucial as they will work with food, carry carts and many other things that require having enough space. Therefore, if you have 80 seats in your restaurant, you might want to have some 400 square feet of the kitchen space to ensure the optimal performance.

The equipment has to meet all the health and safety standards

This is overseen many times, as the owners just want to start with the restaurant, at all costs. The safety measures are imposed by the general Safety Agency and you are obliged by the law to respect the rules as well as to ensure that you meet the criteria.

Another thing is giving your staff the equipment they need. Of course, they will handle it well with anything you give them, but if you meet the latest requirements and give them what they need, you increase productivity at the same time.

You must have proper ventilation

Forget about your kitchen if you have not ensured that it has a proper ventilation system. All the smoke and steam that is released during the cooking process must be ventilated outside of the kitchen, first because it is not healthy for the staff to work there and then because of your guests.

Working In Restaurant Kitchen

Restaurant kitchen with Chef’s cooking

No one wants to smell of smoked salmon after he leaves the restaurant. To achieve the best results, it is recommended to hire a professional company that will design and implement the proper ventilation system for your kitchen.

Store similar items together to avoid confusion

One of the worst things is having a kitchen that is not properly organized. This not only slows down the process of cooking but also brings confusion among staff as they will have to look for the items at different places. The food or ingredients that must be cool should be kept together to enable the workers to find these easier. Also, make sure to keep refrigerators away from the baking equipment as these can heat up the freezers and your items could melt just because you did not pat enough attention.