Gaining muscle is not a complicated process as you need to follow a balanced diet and to exercise regularly. However, if you want to gain muscles without waiting too much, you can hit and buy yourself some supplements to boost the growth! While the supplements are not very cheap, it is important to know which ones you should buy. For that reason, we have prepared a small list of the ones that are great and that you should use.

Note that we have listed these from the best one to the least good one. Still, any of these will be okay if you want to boost the growth of muscles, though you can combine them as well. Let’s see the best ones!

Whey protein as the best one

Whey protein is the top supplement for mass-gain with multi-branches amino acids that come from milt protein. The protein boosts the growth of muscles and increases the blood flow thanks to the peptides that are present in this powder. The best time to consume this supplement is after the training session is completed as it will regenerate your muscles and refresh your body.

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The best way to use it is to consume 20 grams prior to the training and then 40 grams after the training session. Just make sure to consume it within one hour after the training is done. Additionally, what we also recommend is to consume it every morning when you get up, before breakfast to boost muscle growth.

Casein protein powder as a replacement for Whey

Another milk protein that is right behind Whey is Casein. Casein is the best protein you should take before going to bed as it has the slow digestion rate, and prevents catabolism while you are sleeping. The post-workout synthesis is present in a larger amount than it is the case with Whey so the best time to consume is right after the training is completed.

If you want to consume it before going to sleep, take some 35 grams before sleeping, or some 20 grams after the training. Also, you might want to add an additional 20 grams portions between your meals as a snack.

Creatine – the amino acid cocktail

Creatine helps you to add more muscle and the bodyweight so it is one of the most frequent choices for people who want to add more amino acids. It contains glycine, arginine and methionine. One of the biggest advantages is that you get an energy boost, which is what you need when you do more reps in the gym.

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As it gets more water into your cells, Creatine will improve cell growth in the long run. You can add 15 grams of Creatine to the protein you already take and consume it like that, before workout. You can consume it after the workout as well to boost IGF-1 levels. You can add 10-20 grams to the breakfast as well.