Make Your Marketing Campaign Better Than Before

Many different successful marketing campaigns exist, and several of those will probably be useful to you. But you should think about creating a unique marketing campaign whose points will address the issues you already have and the problems you will probably face. You should also look at every possible way that will assist you to spread the word about your business. This means that you should use both digital and regular marketing to achieve the desired goal.

Don’t rely on ads and similar form of marketing only because hundreds of other options exist. You shouldn’t place a lot of hope on social network advertising because it is a tricky thing and in most cases, it doesn’t generate returns you want. Many sites praise social network advertising as the best marketing strategy, but that doesn’t work.

Our company offers help in marketing, and one form of that is the list you will find below this. Some of those tips include documents that contain guides that will improve some aspects of a marketing campaign, while others are just there to give you hints. Check each one of them and find those that will be useful to you and the type of business you are trying to kickstart.

Free tips that will make your marketing campaign better than before

Large-Scale Digital Signage Deployments – It’s one thing to put up a digital sign or two. But when you go for dozens or hundreds, the challenges increase almost exponentially. Fortunately, so does the potential ROI. Here’s how to get it done.

Digital signage for Financial Institutions – As financial services become more complex, consumer education becomes more critical – and digital signage allows FIs to reach customers and members better.

Digital Signage and Corporate Communication Business executives of all levels often say that spreading the corporate message to the troops is one of the most important and challenging aspects of their jobs. Digital signage—combining eye-catching graphics and state-of-the-art content management—can help put and keep everyone on the same page.

Digital Signage: Frequently Asked Questions Digital signage can be elaborate — but knowing the basics can make it a lot simpler to navigate. Here are the most frequently asked questions about dynamic digital signage — a quick education designed to get you up to speed, so you can ask the questions that you need to be answered.


Digital Signage in Bars and Nightclubs Bars and nightclubs are developing some pretty innovative applications for digital signage. In addition to improving the atmosphere, these signs allow patrons to interact with them, whether it be through Bluetooth, multitouch or gesture-based technology. Learn about new applications, how they effectively manage from the back-end and how digital signage can boost a bar’s revenue through non-traditional advertising.

Report: 2006 Self-Service World Market Survey Comprehensive results of Self-Service World magazine’s 2006 Market Survey.

Measurement and Analysis for Digital Signage The definition of an “impression” is changing take a look behind the scenes of ad buying, audience measurement and data analysis to learn just what the numbers mean, and how to generate them.

Digital Signage: The State of the Art and the Promise for the Next Five Years Digital signage has revolutionized business in the previous months — and the best is yet to come. What impact will dynamic signage technology have on your business in the next five years? This in-depth guide will help you explore the emerging issues and understand how this rapidly changing technology is going to help your business grow. Plus, learn the results of our independent State of the Digital Signage Industry Survey.

How to Network Digital Signs with Cellular Technology One advantage of deploying a digital signage network is the ease with which content on multiple screens can be changed. Connectivity can become an issue, however, and companies are striving to find fast, efficient and reliable means. Cellular technology is emerging as an up-and-coming alternative.

Digital Signage in the Entertainment Industry Entertainment is all about the message, so what would make a more helpful partner than vibrant, hot display technology. Learn here about how to combine the newest medium with some of the oldest to get the best of both.

Software for Digital Signage For companies deploying digital signage, software choices can be intimidating. Here’s what to look for in a software platform, and how it should interact with your screens (and your people).

Automotive Sales: How to Rev Them Up with Digital Signage People approach car shopping with a mix of excitement and trepidation. Many auto dealers have learned that an efficient use of digital signage can help by answering shopper questions, educating buyers about car features, and showcasing models with dazzling images and videos.

Digital Display Technology The concept of digital signage is easy: show great content on great hardware. But the technology behind it can be daunting for newcomers and pros alike. This guide digs deep into the nuts and bolts of successful digital signage to explain the inner workings of this terrific new business tool.


Digital Signage in the Hotel/Motel Industry When people think of staying away from home, they conjure up exotic images that thrill, as well as ones that spark trepidation over being someplace new. Make their stay with you a little easier by learning how to implement digital signage to get the right messages across at the right time.

Shaping the Customer Experience with Digital Signage It is no longer enough to merely sell products and services — today, successful businesses engage their customers on both intellectual and emotional levels. Learn how digital signage can accomplish both goals while invigorating the bottom line.

Digital Signage in the Transportation Industry Travel — across town or the country — can be full of adventure, fun and, yes, sometimes a little stress. Correctly used, digital signage can maximize the best of the experience and help minimize the worst. This guide explains how to help wayfarers find their way a little more relaxed as they do business with you.

Restaurant Digital Signage People are eating out now more than ever before, and smart restaurateurs are using digital technology to engage their customers on a deeper level.

Advertising with Digital Signage One prominent business model for digital signage involves selling third-party advertising on one or more screens. It’s not for everyone, but for those businesses that can make it work, the sponsored model is a powerful way to monetize digital signs.

Digital Signage and ROI When it comes to digital signage, the absence of clear, traditional ROI can complicate the decision to install a network or even a single screen. This guide looks at ways to track and improve your signs’ contribution to the bottom line.

Retail Digital Signage Digital media is changing the face of the retail environment – from the in-store experience to the way, decisions are made at the point of the choice.

Digital Menu Boards Customers have more choices than ever, all of them competing for attention. Digital menu boards allow retailers to use dynamic messaging to convey brand information, advertise specials and deliver highly targeted promotions.

9 Experts Forecast the Year in Digital Signage Our experts predict the years future for digital signage companies big and small.

Digital Signage Hardware Newcomers to digital signage, and even some veterans can look at sales collaterals and be dumbfounded by the specialized numbers, letters, and symbols that describe the technology. This guide helps both groups understand what to look for when looking for digital signage.


Content and Content Management for Digital Signage Content is the lifeblood of any digital signage network – and content management is its heart. Learn how to build and maintain a healthy, robust content management plan in this how-to guide.

Interactive Displays Interactive displays empower customers to get involved — from touchscreens to mobile devices to kiosks, adding interactivity to a digital signage network opens up new worlds of possibility for both business and consumer.

Digital Signage and One-to-One Marketing Learn about the emerging world of dynamic signage – and how to implement it in your business – with this free guide.

Euro Motorcars Captivates Customers with Digital Signage Solution As discerning taste distinguishes a dealer of luxury automobiles, Euro Motorcars’ clientele. So when the business wanted to integrate service-department messaging into their customer lounge, they turned to the professionals at Helius to produce a tasteful and discreet solution.

Interactive Distance Learning Employee training is a necessity. However, it often requires substantial expenses—in both travel fare and workplace disruptions. Interactive distance learning virtually eliminates both costs.

JCPenney Finds Training & Communication Solution to be a Perfect Fit When JCPenney set out to replace its satellite network equipment, Helius delivered a solution that help would take training and communications to the next level.

MPEG-4: The next generation of digital video compression has arrived Learn about the exciting capabilities of MPEG-4–the new standard for digital video compression.

Safeway, Inc. Selects Digital Signage Solution to Enhance Communications & Training Capabilities By increasing the efficiency of their data transmissions with digital signage technology, Safeway, Inc. saw 140% improvement in their bandwidth utilization.