Almost every marketing company has the same structure because it works. Some companies implement additional elements to improve certain aspects of their business and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But the basic departments of every advertising agency are same because each of them has employees that finish the particular part of the process.

Major departments of a marketing agency

Every marketing business has six core divisions that work together to complete the whole process of advertisement. The Account planning is a department that comes up with strategic moves that steer the ad into the right direction. This department is also responsible for research of the market. These two responsibilities are essential to each other as the study produces results that are essential in the determination of right strategic decisions that will lead the project toward success. This department is one of the core elements of the marketing agency and only professionals and leaders of the agency work there.


When it comes to the look of the final product, the Creative department is directly responsible for that. This element of a marketing agency is responsible for many things, including web design, copywriting and all the final touches that include looks and functionality. The project isn’t over until employees of this department approve it.

Everything revolves around money and profit, and thus Finance and Accounts department is there to track the money. The workers from this department organize the spending to cover all forms of expenditure including salaries, benefits, travel and everything else. You should know that only about 30% of the marketing revenue is the real profit. Finance and Accounts use the rest of the money to cover all expenses that arise during the marketing campaign.


The Media buying department is the element of the marketing agency that works with other parties. Their job is to find the time and the place where our ads will go and ensure that they will garner the most attention. This sounds easy, but in reality, it is hard. Find a wrong location for the ad, and it won’t generate any profit, and that is a clean loss which is always bad. But find a right place, and the ad will do wonders, and it will attract a lot of attention.