SEO is part of an internet marketing strategy and can be defined as a set of actions that are continuously carried out in order to provide the best possible visibility and position of the site on search engines.

It also includes technical and design elements that are necessary to improve the site’s position and overall visibility on search engines. There are many things that affect SEO, ranging from the number of words on the page to the number of links pointing to your site. So if you are perhaps interested in search engine optimization Wisconsin, you might want to find someone who specializes in SEO for that particular area.

Why? Because if your company sells or offers products and services to a specific area, your goal is to be visible to the people in that area, avoiding the mistake of being visible to someone across the world and not to someone in your own neighborhood.

What search engine optimization means and why your site needs it?

Sometimes SEO means that you must ensure that the structure of your site meets the technical requirements and standards of the search engine. SEO is not just making a site that will be adapted to the search engines. This is the creation of a site that is tailored to people – real visitors. These two cannot be one without each other.

Most of your visitors come to your site through search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Also, social networks and other sites can be sources through which people come to the site, but search engines are most likely the most dominant source of visits for you.

Search engines are unique in that they bring the most relevant visits to the site – people who are looking for something that you offer. If search engines do not find your site or can not scan its content and upload it into a database, you miss the huge opportunity to attract the most relevant visits.

Everything is about positioning

If your site is not in the first three pages of Google, it is like you don’t even have the site. People will go through the first page in order to find something they are looking for, and if it is not on the first, they will only go as far as to the third page. Same is for the people who are searching for perfect solutions, product or services for them, their company, family or for someone else. First, three pages are the only ones people see.

SEO optimization

The search engines are much “smarter” today than before, but they still need help. That is why you need keywords that are tailored specifically to your business, search engines, and your potential costumers. Keywords are words and phrases that people write on Google when they search for something. Relevant visits with Google Search will bring you popularity, earnings, and visibility that no other type of marketing can provide.