Staying in the top results has never been harder as the fierce competition invents new things every day, trying to outrank you. Still, everyone has to follow some directions. Whether you run a small marketing firm, or you are the owner of the huge corporation, you have to follow several golden rules in digital marketing. This article reveals the golden rules of digital marketing that you must know if you want your online brand to be/stay successful! Though there are a few more things to follow, these three are the most essential for success.

You must engage your audience

You can have the best shoe company but if you don’t engage people somehow to try these out, you will never sell these. But, to make them try, you have to talk to them. In the digital era, the connection between customers and services has become even stronger as the connection offers two/way communication. In the early days of Instagram or Facebook, it wasn’t that common to talk to your audience. We are not talking about posting new offers or free-give-away coupons – we talk about going to inbox and replying to the messages. These days, all the big brands hire social media gurus who work for them and reply to every single message that comes from a customer. Once you become connected to the people and they feel that connection, they will engage on their own and will encourage others to do the same.

engage your audience

Infographics and visuals are keys

People always like to listen to the great stories and they keep them in their memories for a couple of fays. However, once they see the story they remember it even for 3+ days! Instead of writing the reports and presenting the pure numbers, you need to offer infographics so people could visualize data and therefore have a richer visual experience. Infographics became highly popular in the past two years and Google gives a lot of credits to the creators of these, so consider making infographics for your posts or announcements. These can boost your rankings, especially if you offer something that they couldn’t find earlier. Don’t offer them what they can already find – offer them something unique and make them remember you.

visuals - infographics

Keep track, analyze and adapt

Thanks to technology, we have a lot of digital marketing tools that help us to achieve better insight into the business and online traffic. A monthly analysis should be performed so you could see the effects of your advertising campaigns, off-page campaigns as well as other ways that you had used to boost your online presence. The constant analysis allows you to see the gaps, as well as ways to cover these and upgrade your work. Just as your business evolves, so do your customers as well. Therefore, it is highly important to keep track of these changes and adapt the new strategies and plans to deliver to the users exactly what they look for.