SEO has changed over the years and it evolved into a complex matter that is a whole new branch of studying and working. In the beginning, SEO had a couple of aspects that led to faster results in search engines. However, today is something different.

Whether you Google for phoenix house sale or the best mobile devices 2020, there is one thing that comprises both of these results: a good search engine optimization that allows them to be on the front page of Google or any other search engine. Now, we will present to you some of the essential aspects that you have to use to beat your competitors!

The on-page optimization – The website speed and responsiveness

Though on-site search engine optimization involves a lot of tasks, there is one that is the cornerstone for all other steps you will eventually take. It is the speed of the website. In case your website takes more than 2 seconds to load, it is more than 90% possibility that a visitor will simply close the tab and use another website for the specified service/product. No one wants to wait to get to the website, as we live in the 21st century where the technology had advanced. Therefore, think of your website speed as the most important aspect of SEO.

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The second thing is the responsiveness. There are a lot of users that use strictly smartphones instead of the PC or Mac devices and they make a huge part of the everyday Internet search community. For this reason, you want to make sure that you provide a good and responsive theme/layout that will be loaded properly on all devices. In case you do not meet this, you lose a huge percentage of potential customers.

If you cannot tweak, code or adjust your website to be highly responsive, you will either have to change the theme or to consult with the professional who will adjust your website to be mobile-friendly.

The off-page optimization – Social media and link-building

Social media is an important factor on the Internet as it became a form of authority hub where people share their thoughts about a certain product or service. If your brand does not have social media attention, it is not likely that it will succeed. Through social media, you allow users to engage directly with your brand and as a favor in return, you get the shares that regard you as a good and reputable service. Therefore, do not neglect the influence of social media.

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Link-building has evolved into the super-smart strategy that gives you the fastest results when it comes to ranking on SEs. There are tons of ways to get the backlinks and advance the link-building, but the main point is to have links from the authoritative websites that have a reputation in a certain niche. In this way, everyone is going to hear about your company/brand and you will earn your place in the search engine, thanks to the backlinks from other companies.